Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Free Time is Always a Good Thing

I'm enjoying my break from school, and due to the hecticness of school I haven't done anything pointed towards the game I'm working on. I just wanted to do whatever I wanted for this break and it has gone very well. So, the things that I have been doing is playing games, and watching movies, and shows.

I'm finishing up Battlestar Galactica(the new one) for the second time and I've started watching Eden of the East. With games I've been playing Resonance of Fate and a whole bunch of older games like Kotor, Dirt 2, Ogre Battle 64 and the Witcher. I've also been reading random blogs through the help of stumbleupon. It always seems to have something interesting to read.

Another thing that I'm hoping to receive before school starts up again is an Xbox(the original). I ordered one off of Amazon, and it's on its way, but it may not be here until January 4th, which is kind of a downer. The reason why I want an Xbox is to play Phantom Crash, which is a fast-paced mech game. I played a little bit of it on the 360, but the game doesn't run very well since it was meant to be played on the Xbox. Anyway, that is what I've been doing for the past few weeks. I'll be sure to post here if anything new comes up.

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