Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Curious Two Worlds 2 Review

I played the first Two Worlds and I enjoyed the combat in game, but that was about all that I enjoyed. Everything else was horrible, such as the AI pathing for just about everything in the game. Also, the random collision walls that your horse would hit while controlling him would usually cause the horse to stop completely or take a path you did not want to take. The storyline and dialogue horrible as well. Mayhap I go over there? Yeah, there were a lot of mayhaps and foresooths and the like in the dialogue and it didn't add anything to it. Though I suppose it did make it very comical.

Anyway, I came across a really interesting review about Two Worlds II. It personifies Two Worlds II as being a game trying to get a score from the reviewer, so the reviewer is essentially interviewing the game to figure out its score. It's a very interesting way to go about doing a review. Here's the link to check it out.

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