Wednesday, March 9, 2011

2011 Spring Semester Playtest Session 1

The overall feedback from playtesters is that the game is fun! But, regardless of how fun a game is, it can always be funner. The feedback we received the most was that the car controls while flying were a bit touchy, and the flight camera needed some work. The heat meter and it filling up was also not apparent to players, and because of this they usually were not aware of why the car blew up.

Other issues were that the car would turn too fast when it slowed down, and that the car slowed down too quickly. Some players also wanted to drift the car. Drifting is something I would like to see in the game, and we are working on getting it in. Also, some of the colors on the track need to change so the player will see them. Obstacles where the player must jump over them need to be more apparent. Most players crashed into the first jump obstacle because they did not see it. Even though players did not say this directly, most wanted the city to be alive and have more lighting.

One player said "the game is still too hard and I play racing games". With polish I believe the game will get easier, but currently we need to get the mechanics and obstacles set in stone.

Another player said "the game was the best looking junior game they've ever seen". This particular quote made our graphics programmer happy.

Our team is working towards ridding the game of these issues. The technical director is working on an in-game engine that will help with placing down lights in the city, and is also working on setting up tweakable values for faster iteration with game systems such as the camera system. Our team is also going to have a meeting on setting up a system for logic in the game to allow me and our producer to put more life into our world. The physics programmer is going to still be working on physics since that will always need to be tweaked. Our graphics programmer is working on the camera for both ground and air travel. Finally, I'm building levels for the game and as mentioned before I will begin writing logic for the game. I've also spoken to the graphics programmer on how to make it more apparent that the car is about to blow up when the heat meter is getting close to full. We have a few ideas and we will test them in a later playtest session.

That's pretty much where we are right now, and the playtesting has shown what we should be working on for the game to be more enjoyable and playable.

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