Wednesday, March 9, 2011

2011 Spring Semester GDC Playtest

No feedback from the track
While I was at GDC, I had some people playtest the game. Most of the feedback that we received was pretty standard feedback that we had received from previous playtests. There were some interesting comments though. Even though it seems obvious, we were told to have the arrows flash in the direction of where the player needs to go. This is a great idea and will definitely get into the game. It will probably not be in for beta, but definitely for gold.

The testers at GDC also wanted the track to give more feedback to the player, such as changing color when the player crashes into it. The road could also point the player in the right direction by having arrows pointing in the direction the player should be going. Testers at GDC were also having trouble with the sensitivity of the car especially with the flying aspect of the game. This issue has been known and is being worked on. In the end there will be a sensitivity setting in the menus so the player can choose how sensitive the controls are.

Also, just like from previous playtests, the testers wanted more tricks, and just more opportunities to do tricks. Testers also mentioned that the game world was too static, and our team is currently working on changing that. We are working on having moving objects in the background, moving obstacles on the track, and having obstacles land onto the track. Having a more lively world is the game team's goal for beta and we have made some good progress towards that goal.

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