Friday, November 5, 2010

Successful Prototype presentation!

We made it! Our prototype is amazing, and we were actually told by the game teacher that the game we're working is the best he's ever seen at the prototype stage! Wow! That is a really big compliment. The game was graded in 5 categories, each of them having a grade from 1 to 11, and our game received 3 11s and 2 10s! It's the highest we've had so far, and our game will only get better. We were also told that our game is getting close to being considered a mini-triple-A title.

We still have a lot to go to reach the polish that a triple-A game has though, and that is the stage that our team is in. Polishing the game. All we have to do now is tweak values, and experiment with different ideas for the game. First polish though. Then we'll experiment with the game, and see if we can find some more interesting gameplay.

I'll be sure to post a video of the game as soon as possible to show how far we've come since our summer tech demo. Thanks for reading, I'll try to keep you posted on any new developments!

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