Friday, November 5, 2010

Best Words I've Heard Today

It's early, but hey, I just heard the best words from a video game yet. At least with what the game was shooting for. It told me straight out that "Do not play this game to win". The game is meant to be an experience rather than gameplay. Yes there is gameplay, but it is being use to accentuate the experience, rather than it being solely meant for the player to interact with things in the game.

I'm enjoying the fact that you as the player cannot fight the monsters in the game, rather, the player has to think about what they will did when they encounter enemies. Will they run, hide, do a bit of both. Slow down the monster so the player has a chance to hide? The possibilities of what to do are endless because many things are interactable in the game. It's almost like a modern day Myst. It's a 3D environment, but the player is experiencing the world, and trying to figure out what is going on with the character they are playing as. Very interesting stuff.

The name of the game is Amnesia: The Dark Descent and I hope to be frightened by it more when I play it again. I forgot to mention that the game has a very large horror vibe to it. It really plays on the "your own imagination is your worst enemy" and I really enjoy that type of fear. Especially since I do it to my self all the time. I just thought I would share my thoughts on the game. It's great, so far, and I hope to continue enjoying it!

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