Tuesday, September 28, 2010


With the mention of making a game that is an interactive poem from my teacher for GAM 302, I came up with a concept for our game that would be in the vein of a poem. The player is a spark, they are essentially the "spark of life" and they are giving the world light where there is none. In fact, they are within a computer system that has been dead for a long period of time, and the player is bringing it back to life. More systems come on as the player goes through the game. Throughout the game the player will receive hints as to what happened previously; how the computer stopped working, or went out of use. That's the basic idea of the game.

Gameplay will be more puzzle-esque, and platform-based. The experience I want the player to have would be death in the beginning and life at the end. Sort of an opposite way of thinking, but it could be a profound experience for the player. Granted, I highly doubt my team will switch over to this idea, we are going with our current idea, especially since it is sound, and we already have a bit of the technology up and running. But, this could be a good fall back idea.

This is my third idea, and I actually just came up with it no more than a few minutes ago. Other than the idea, I have to create music for our game, I experimented with the sound program that I will be using and it seems pretty crazy, but I think I'll cope. Especially since I know some talented people to look to for help. Not much else to say about the development of our game. Our graphics programmer has created a texture that looks like a cityscape, and it looks like there are particles moving all over the place, but technically speaking they are not particles, which is really cool.

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