Thursday, September 23, 2010

Playtest meeting

We play tested a prototype that was created for our game, and the results were pleasing to say the least. Players enjoyed the game to a very high degree. Many enjoyed the flying mechanic of the car, and because of this it will probably become our core mechanic (I already had an idea that it would). The main thing that players were having trouble with was the controls when it came to flying. I knew this was going to be an issue, especially since the controls were based off the center of the car. The left joystick controlled spinning, which is completely unintuitive, and the right joystick controlled the camera. So, the only way to move around while flying was to rotate the car and then pull down on the joystick to go up.

Obviously it was just a prototype and our real game's controls will be much better. I'm glad that the overall feedback was favorable to our game idea. Players also enjoyed the other mechanics, and some even said that we don't need to add anything else, the game is good as it is. One person did give a pretty good idea about wall gripping though. I'm thinking about the idea, and it sounds like it really could be fun. You know, driving up the sides of buildings and such when the player has the wall grip ability, stuff like that.

In this same meeting, our team setup what we wanted to finish for our engine proof in week five. It basically dwindled down to getting physics implemented to the point of being able to have a car be able to drive around and go up hills. We also wanted to get a true level into the game. Basically a level that is created by me, which requires a level editor. Another thing that was speculated, and something that I am working on personally is original music for the game composed by me, and my producer. We'll see how that goes. Not much else to say, thanks for reading! I'll keep you posted on any new updates.

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