Tuesday, September 14, 2010

First Post!

Currently, I just finished a video that I was cutting up for my game team. We're called "Team Nitronic". Here's the video

Everything that is in the video was created from the ground up, excluding the music. That is from OCremix. Good game music site by the way. Other than the video I've also been designing the game. Our idea right now is to have a driving game where the player is trying to get through the level. Within the level there will be obstacles, such as walls, blocks, and a changing track. Jumps will also be in the level. I want to have the jumps send the player really high into the air to give a sense of flying. Especially since we plan to give our car wings. There will also be massive downhills.

The player will have powerups as well. Powerups include, hopping, boost, and gliding. The art style for the game is actually going to be similar to Tron, neon lighting and such. I plan to have the track notify the player what is coming up. I'm doing this because I want gameplay to be so fast that it is a requirement to have the notifications. We'll see how that goes. I'll have to play-test it to see how well players adapt to the mechanic.

We plan to play-test our game very soon. We're going to focus on controls for the first few play-tests to get them down. Controls are very important when it comes to a driving game. Also, when I say controls I don't just mean the controller layont. I'm talking about the feel of the controls, how well they correlate to what is going on screen, and the feedback that the controller gives to the player.
Thanks for reading, I'll do updates at least once a week.

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  1. F'ing awesome you guys did a rock solid job I'm totally impressed!