Monday, October 18, 2010

More and more work

That's all there is to it. Our entire team is still working hard to get our game to a prototyping phase. The physics engine is having an overhaul to all of its systems, and just about everything else is being improved. Other things are just being implemented as well, such as the camera system, and lua scripting.

Game design is still in a flux, since I'm not quite sure about how to portray some things on-screen to the player. Because of this, I may have to change how the car ability mechanics work. I had the idea to have the car abilities on cool downs, but it may be too complicated to have the player tracking multiple cooldowns. Especially since the game is meant to be fast paced. The interface needs to be minimal and streamlined to be easily read and understood.

For prototype I'll be working on a song, the GDD, and a level for the game. Still not sure about the song, I'll have to tinker with the sound application I have. The GDD is roughly 13 pages right now, and there is still more to write about. I'm hoping to have it clear and concise for the programmers to read quickly and understand fully what they need to implement. Most of the explanations for why they have to do something will be in the appendix rather than the original explanation for them. I'll keep updating this blog, whenever something new comes up.

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